Custom Internet Solutions

Easily manage High School Football scores and more!

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Deliver your content with the latest technologies!

Create mobile optimized content once and have it load instantly everywhere using Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

Pages are also delivered using the new HTTP/2 protocol to increase page load performance.

High School Football

Display team pages with schedules and scores! Navigate games by date and update scores across multiple pages.

When users click on a team - they stay on your site along with your ad revenue. Also integrate with your Twitter account to send followers score updates. Read more...

Content Delivery

Deliver content using the latest publishing tools, such as AMP and Facebook Instant Articles. Remove the bottlenecks for entering content on your site! Read more...

Weather Closings

Schools aren't alone when bad weather causes closings. Display all the businesses and other organizations that also close during bad weather!

Organizations can have their own account to update their status at any time! The service automatically scales to meet the traffic spikes during weather events.